Hot Hair The Plait


A simple long plait on a wrap fixture

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Product Description

A simple long plait on a wrap fixture

Type : Wrap Around – has a small comb & Velcro attachment

Dimensions : to end of Braid (13” (33 cm) to end of piece 19” (49cm)

Fibre Type : High Quality Natural looking Synthetic Fibre

Available Colours :

  • Warm Brown (WB)
  • Espresso (E)
  • Auburn Twist (AUT)
  • Creamy Twist (CYT)
  • Sable Twist (SAT)
  • Strawberry Twist (SRT)
  • Butterscotch (B)
  • Cappuccino (C)
  • Chocolate Copper (CHC)
  • Ginger Brown (GB)
  • Harvest Gold (HG)
  • Swedish Blonde (SW)

Additional Information


B – Butterscotch, SAT – Sable Twist, CYT – Creamy Twist, AUT – Auburn Twist, E – Espresso, WB – Warm Brown, SWB – Swedish Blonde, HG – Harvest Gold, GB – Ginger Brown, CHC – Chocolate Copper, C – Cappuccino, SRT – Strawberry Twist


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