KeraStraight’s world-leading semi-permanent protein treatment transforms dry, damaged or unruly hair into stronger, straighter, repaired hair that’s easy to manage with incredible shine and added elasticity.
When your hair is too curly, time consuming to tame, or otherwise unmanageable. Kerastraight gives you the shiny, flippy, kink-free hair you crave and leaves your hair free of frizz, and easy to manage.

KeraStraight’s family of treatments and styling products will radically transform hair, leaving it feeling repaired, looking gorgeous and easy to manage.

Every product we create is designed to deliver like no other as a result of combining the latest technology with our commitment to excellence and our passion for gorgeous hair.

Kerastraight’s commitment to hair excellence and technological advancement has resulted in our treatments and products being used every day at the best salons around the world, including household names such as Trevor Sorbie, Sanrizz, Brooks & Brooks, and Ken Picton.

Our treatments and styling products rejuvenate hair, leaving it revitalised, repaired, and looking gorgeous. KeraStraight’s unique combinations of award-winning proteins, amino acids and advanced polymers deliver unrivalled performance.