Hair Replacement for Men


We provide completely integrated systems for MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN dealing with Alopecia, male baldness, Part or full hair loss, cancer patients and people with thinning hair. Having worked in the hair trade and service industry for over 15 years, we believe that hair replacement systems are the only solution for all. We are fully aware of the simple fact that hair implants/surgery or hair supplement are not always effective and in some cases cost thousands of pounds without a guarantee of a full head of hair and natural looking results at the end of the process.

Like you, we feel that hope is not enough, but a good hair day everyday is what we sometimes need to boost our confidence without worry and constant avoidance of the mirror.


Our systems represent an investment worthwhile as we work closely with you to provide undetectable systems that look unbelievably natural, we enjoy working closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understand your personal needs and maintain privacy at all times in our private room in the salon or at a location of your choice with our hair expert consultant and hair specialist entirely dedicated to you.

Whether you have just been dignosed or dealing with full or part hair loss for sometime, our hair replacement systems are customized to your specifications, taking in consideration your natural hair colour, style, density, texture and suitable hair length. We even take time to compose a grey percentage matching the rest of your hair or how it use to look before starting to loose hair. We aim to provide you with transitional density, a completely comfortable and most importantly undetectable system with a seamless hairline fully integrated in your natural hairline.

We provide two main type of systems in this field alone to give you flexibility and choice. They are made of very thin transparent lace base or dyed to match the colour of a person skin and scalp, also used is the finest and highest quality human hair you can find, ie: European hair, Remy cuticle correct hair or virgin hair which look and feel like natural hair.(click here to find out more about hair). We have extensively researched this field to only give our clients nothing but the best. You can proceed to choose a system that is more suitable to you according to which is most important to you in terms of durability or appearance. French/Swiss lace are slightly thinner for greater appearance and confidence when choosing hairstyles that can be worn off the face and are very soft and fragile, therefore less durable than skin wefts bases which are slightly thicker lace type bases for a more durable option, although still very thin for that all important seamless transition.

Wearing a Hair Replacement system also called lace font hairpiece or prosthesis is like having your own hair, because of their natural hairline, they can be worn off the face, in an up-do, or ponytail. You can part them anywhere and wear them in many different styles.

Once applied is possible to sleep, exercise and wear them for weeks at a time without removing. Lace human hair systems are thin and light, keeping your scalp breathable. It really feels and behaves like real hair growing from the scalp.

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