Hairdreams is a pioneering example of the best hair products available today. The secret to thick, beautiful, camera-ready locks.
Crafted from only the highest quality human hair, ethically obtained and selected for elasticity, shine and healthiness, Hairdreams quality checked and refined using the gentlest methods available.

Top stylists all over the world use Hairdreams hair which has become a part of the hair styling must have for models, actrors and celebrities in an age where perfectly styled and luxurious hair is an essential part of public life.

With a variety of bonding choices you can select the natural look which works for you.

Hairdreams also offers the chance for smaller budget clients to enjoy lengthening and thickening – if you suffer from hair loss or thin hair, the Hairdreams Microlines System gives a boost to your appearance – and thereby your confidence.

Hairdreams Quikkies are hand made from the highest quality human hair mainly from Russia.

Hairdreams Quikkies are self adhesive 3cm wide strips made from ultra-light microfibre gauze with original Hairdreams hair attached. They are extremely flat and durable, follow the shape of your head, are comfortable to wear and are extremely natural looking.

Gentle and fast, they don’t need special tools to apply.

Unique looks are created by two colour strands for extra bright and natural colour effects and they are excellent for enhancing even thin hair on the top of the head, because they can be placed close up to the root. Cover or disguise a receding hair line, or a high temple easily with Quikkies from Oscar’s Hair and Beauty.

Quikkies are great value; there are two hair qualities available which can be re-used several times – we recommend up to 4-8 weeks.

Creative and fun, asymmetrical styles are possible in minutes, together with longer and thicker bangs, partial volume or length in record time!

Change your look, funk it up for a special date, or simply make your existing hair look thicker and more luxuriant.

Choose from a rainbow of colours and effects – be as natural or as vivid as you like!