You are the fairy godmother of granted hair back to those of us who lose our crowns. …. It’s just incredible for what you do for others. You may not know how amazing you are. God made you with purpose.
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I have been going to Oscar’s for my hair extensions for well over a year now and am so happy would never dream of going anywhere else.
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I first visited Oscar in Eastbourne over three years ago and I have never looked back since.  Her hair replacement system has completely changed my life.
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For years I worried about my hair which was getting thin on top and would never consider wearing a wig . Until one day my hairdresser mentioned to me about what Oscar did and one day I took the plunge.
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I had been thinking about getting a partial wig to cover the grey on the crown of my head.  I have my hair dyed regularly to cover any grey, but a partial wig is handy to know if I have not had time to have my hair dyed.


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An undetectable hair loss solution!
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Oscar has been fitting a well-matched hairpiece to the back of my hair for about 15 years now, due to its thinning with age, which enabled me to start wearing it up once more.
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From fine hair to a full head of hair and confidence at the office!
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