Curve Appeal


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Product Description

A gorgeously feminine silhouette with long, waved layers that fall to mid back. A monofilament part & lace front ensures this style looks beautifully natural.

Length From Crown: 12″

Length From Nape: 11 1/2″

Length From Side Of Head: 10″

Cap Type: Monofilament Part with Lace Front & Memory Cap II

Base: Tru2life Fibre

Cap Size: Average


  • RL4/6 Black Coffee
  • RL6/30 Copper Mahogany
  • RL6/8 Dark Chocolate
  • RL8/29 Hazelnut
  • RL10/12 Sunlit Chestnut
  • RL11/25 Golden Walnut
  • RL12/16 Honey Toast
  • RL13/88 Golden Pecan
  • RL14/25 Honey Ginger
  • RL16/88 Pale Golden Honey
  • RL19/23 Biscuit
  • RL2/4 Off Black
  • RL25/27 Butterscotch
  • RL29/25 Golden Russet
  • RL30/27 Rusty Auburn
  • RL31/29 Fiery Copper
  • RL32/31 Cinnabar
  • RL33/35 Deepest Ruby

Additional Information


RL4/6 – Black Coffee, RL32/31 – Cinnabar, RL31/29 – Fiery Copper, RL30/27 – Rusty Auburn, RL29/25 – Golden Russet, RL25/27 – Butterscotch, RL2/4 – Off Black, RL19/23 – Biscuit, RL16/88 – Pale Golden Honey, RL14/25 – Honey Ginger, RL13/88 – Golden Pecan, RL12/16 – Honey Toast, RL11/25 – Golden Walnut, RL10/12 – Sunlit Chestnut, RL8/29 – Hazelnut, RL6/8 – Dark Chocolate, RL6/30 – Copper Mahogany, RL33/35 – Deepest Ruby


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