The hair is the richest ornament of women - and we couldn`t agree more with Martin Luther.

Oscar`s is proud to bring you some of the best, branded, natural looking wigs through a discreet service. Whether you are opting for an elegant and simple look or bold and glamorous, we can provide a diverse range of wigs with a style that speaks for itself. With colours ranging from sunshine blondes through to rich chocolate browns, these timeless wigs will have you looking flawless and feeling fabulous.

Why wear wigs? There are endless reasons why you may want to consider wearing wigs. Oscar`s provides you with the latest looks and shades and can offer you the power of diversity through limitless styles and complimentary tones. Wearing a wig allows you to feel liberated and enables you to express yourself at every occasion - why limit yourself to one head of hair when there are so many to choose from?

It is important to know that wearing a wig is also a form of protective styling for your natural hair. Over the years, our natural hair withstands a lot of damage whether it is the cold, heat, chemicals and hair products. Wigs are a fantastic way to preserve and lock in all of your hairs natural goodness.
Wigs allow you to find the styles that you have been searching for, granting you that exclusive feel as if the wig was made bespoke to you. Our wigs are made with you in mind, our crowning glory`s are designed to empower and emancipate you. If you`re looking for timeless class and an elegance that speaks for itself, then our silky and soft, natural looking wigs are perfect for you.
We promise that you`ll feel flawless and fantastically feminine with our voluptuous, curvy, curls and our satisfyingly straight and sleek wigs. Oscar`s provides wigs that look, feel and even move naturally, all of which are comfortable, easy to fit and feel secure with every wear. With elegant, feathered, face-framing layers, our wigs are styled to suit any face shape be it square, oval, round or heart-shaped and are sure to turn heads.

Whether you prefer human hair wigs or the highest quality of synthetic fibres, our luxury wigs offer you a lifetime of sophistication for a satisfactory price.