Pony Tails

The Pony Tail has been a favourite hair style for many, many years. Pony Tails can be worn up high, midway, low or to the side and can be pulled off by all ages. It is a style that can be worn to work or to parties. This simplistic and diverse look has endless elements to it and now it comes in the form of extensions. With a choice of 100% Human Hair Pieces or HotHair Pony Tails, there is, even more, variety for you to play with. We supply plaited Pony Tails, lavishly long Pony Tails, and even a natural beach wave, tousled Pony Tail. It has never been easier to pull off this effortlessly timeless look. Let your Pony Tail run wild with the wide range of styles that we have to offer.

Did you know that if you tie a tight ponytail in your hair regularly, it can seriously damage your hair? Hair loss can be caused by wearing this simplistic favourite too often. The hairbands can put unnecessary stress on your hair, therefore, causing it to frizz and snap. But don`t worry! Our attachable ponytails are the perfect solution! 

Oscar`s ponytails are super easy to fix onto your natural hair without causing it too much stress and damage. Using the clip, this hair piece fixes onto your hair securely and discreetly. These are a fantastic quick-fix if you are in a rush or simply if you want to elongate your own pony. Human hair or synthetic fibres, the choice is yours, both of which have a lavish shine.
Of course, these stunning ponytails would not look very convincing if it wasn`t for their natural, subtle shades. Cappuccino, Harvest Gold, Strawberry twist, Espresso. These are just a few of the examples of the sumptuous tones available to you. 
And it doesn`t stop there... within the hairstyle itself, there is MORE style to choose from! Tousled pony, Boho pony, Party pony, Mermaid pony... The list goes on!
Join in the fun. With our natural ponytails, no one will ever know that it is actually, in fact, a phony-tail!